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About Askås E-commerce Platform

Polaris is a demo store provided by Askås, a company based in Värmland that has been developing leading technology, features, and services for e-commerce since 1997.

Today, hundreds of Swedish e-retailers use Askås e-commerce platform as the foundation for their online sales.

Examples include CAIA Cosmetics, Care of Carl, Proteinbolag, MaxGaming, and Smarta Saker.

Advantages of Askås

SCALABILITY. You can start small and grow with Askås e-commerce platform.
INTEGRATION. We have a strong development department, stable support, and secure project management.
KEEPING UPDATED. We stay updated on new legislation and other changes.
GLOBAL E-COMMERCE. We have experience in assisting e-retailers in new markets.
FREE SUPPORT. Our customers have access to free support during office hours.
FREE UPDATES. Version updates are typically included at no extra cost.

Feel Free to Reach Out

We Värmland locals enjoy talking and connecting with others. If you want to know more about our design templates, our services, or our e-commerce platform in general, feel free to get in touch.
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